About TrueCode Capital

Founder of TrueCode Capital

Joshua Peck is the founder of TrueCode Capital, a cryptocurrency hedge fund designed to provide uncapped growth while seeking to protect investor capital. He is the author of Cryptocurrency Risk Management: A guide for family wealth managers. Joshua is a member of the Denver chapter of TIGER 21 and the creator of the Foundation for Digital Asset Risk, a non-profit to educate the investment community about the risks of investing in digital assets. He is a frequent guest of the media and has been featured in: The Wall Street Journal, CBS MoneyWatch, U.S. World and News Report, and Forbes.

My approach to crypto investing was purely from the perspecitve of a famliy office asset manager. The growth was appealing, but the risks were poorly understood, so I set out to fix that.

Through that process, I found ways to make crypo investing safer are more profitable.

— Joshua M. Peck

Our Thesis

Cryptocurrency investing provides the opportunity to participate in the greatest wealth creation of our generation, but too many families lose out on the opportunity due to fear of the unknown or take large losses due to inexperience with the asset class.
TrueCode Capital seeks to improve upon the results family wealth managers would achieve themselves by:

Our Results

We have been successful in preserving client capital during the 2022 crypto bear market:
  1. As of July 31, 2022: Fund +13% inception-to-date versus -37% for Bitcoin
  2. July 2022: Fund return +23%, outpacing Bitcoin
  3. June 2022: Fund return -7% versus -35% for Bitcoin
  4. Nov 2019-April 2022: In-house family office account averaged 85% per year
  5. Nov 2019-April 2022: In-house family office account reduced drawdowns by 70%

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We strive to create asymmetric growth opportunities by leveraging the latest in machine learning, financial engineering, and risk management methodologies.