Cryptocurrency Risk Management

A guide for family wealth managers

This guide helps high net-worth individuals and family office portfolio managers develop a sober, thoughtful cryptocurrency investing strategy that complements their existing portfolio.

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Learn to invest in crypto confidently

Crypto investing can be exciting or terrifying depending on your level of knowledge. Educate yourself to learn how to prosper from the market volatility crypto is so known for.

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What opportunity is right for you?

The cryptocurrency industry has expanded far beyond Bitcoin. Now there are thousands of projects, all with their own quirks and peculiarities.

Do you know?


Don't get blindsided during bear markets

Is there any way to invest in crypto safely when the headlines show failures almost daily? How can you possibly know who to trust or how to gain access to the crypto markets without losing your shirt?

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When should I invest in crypto?

Cryptocurrency investing can be risky, so you shouldn’t invest until you understand:

  1. What role crypto plays in your portfolio
  2. How correlated crypto is with your other investments
  3. Which investment style suits you and how crypto improves that
  4. What risks you are willing to take

Should I use third-party custody or self-custody

Your custody decision will be one of the most important early decisions you will make.

Generally if you are trading frequently, so you need to keep your coins available, you will want to use third-party custody. Also, if you are not experienced with managing hardware wallets, cryptographic keys, and redundant backups, you should also consider third-party custody. If you have an engineering background and you can manage the complexity of self-custody and your holding period is several years, then self-custody makes sense.

Can I make a lot of money?

Crypto investing can be lucrative, but don’t mistake it for a get-rich-quick scheme. Only undertake a crypto investment after you have done a great deal or research and you have educated yourself on the dangers.

As your knowledge increases, so can your returns, but you will have to be patient, disciplined, and methodical if you want to create wealth with crypto investing.

How can I avoid losing money?

Crypto investing can be risky. The sure-fire way to lose everything is to fall for the promise of high returns and no risk.

The key to losing money less often is to deepen your understanding of investing in cryptocurrencies. Once you are armed with a solid base of knowledge, you will recognize opportunities that a novice would not.

In the meantime, start small and test your approach over time. The crypto markets often give us opportunities to purchase asssets at 70-90% discounts, so there is no need to purchase something you don’t understand.

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