Corporate Philanthropy Initiative

“Companies can do more than just make money, they can serve others.” Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO, Salesforce  

Why Corporate Philanthropy?

Corporate giving provides an opportunity to engage with the communities we operate in, develop the workforce of the future, and build a sustainable future.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

TrueCode Capital actively supports the UN’s sustainable Development Goals for Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure as well as Eliminating Poverty

1% Pledge

TrueCode Capital has taken the 1% pledge to donate 1% of profits to worthy projects at home and around the globe.

Business for Good

The TrueCode team partners with B1G1 to select and advance worthy projects at home and around the world. 

Learn about our Fund Performance

We strive to create asymmetric growth opportunities by leveraging the latest in machine learning, financial engineering, and risk management methodologies.