Building a Sustainable and Compassionate Future

Corporate Philanthropy at TrueCode Capital

Corporate Philanthropy at TrueCode Capital: Building a Sustainable and Compassionate Future

“Companies can do more than just make money; they can serve others.” This ethos, articulated by Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO of Salesforce, resonates deeply with us at TrueCode Capital. Our commitment to corporate philanthropy extends beyond our business operations, enabling us to make a tangible impact on communities globally and forge a path towards a sustainable future.

Why Corporate Philanthropy?

Corporate philanthropy is not just a responsibility; it’s an opportunity. It allows us to connect with the communities where we operate, nurture future talent, and contribute significantly to global sustainability efforts. Our philanthropic endeavors are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, as well as the crucial objective of Eliminating Poverty. Learn more about these goals at UN Sustainable Development.

Embracing the 1% Pledge

In our pursuit of making a difference, TrueCode Capital has embraced the 1% Pledge, committing to donate 1% of our profits to impactful projects both locally and globally. This pledge is a testament to our belief that successful businesses have the power and responsibility to contribute positively to the world.

Partnering with B1G1 for Greater Impact

Collaboration amplifies impact. That’s why TrueCode Capital has partnered with B1G1 – a global initiative that enables businesses to support a range of high-impact projects. Through this partnership, we carefully select and advance projects that resonate with our values and goals, ensuring that our contributions effectively support communities in need, both at home and worldwide.

Our Commitment

At TrueCode Capital, we firmly believe that our corporate success should also translate into social success. Our philanthropic efforts are woven into our corporate fabric, reflecting our commitment to creating a better world for future generations. Through strategic giving and meaningful partnerships, we strive to be a catalyst for positive change, championing the causes that need our support the most.

Together, we are more than a company – we are a force for good.

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